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On The Revel

Revelry Event

We teamed up with On The Revel, a company founded by cannabis entrepreneurs Lulu Tsui and Jacobi Holland, to create some awesome print materials for their quarterly event. We printed postcards, banners, and decals to help promote their message of inclusivity, collaboration, and equity within the cannabis industry.

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On The Revel was formed to showcase the diverse people who are building the cannabis industry, and to create a community of like-minded individuals who believe in these values. They produce online content and in-person events to bring together people from different backgrounds and promote business opportunities in the cannabis industry.

We were really excited to work with On The Revel on this project, because we believe in their mission and wanted to help bring their vision to life. We made sure to create high-quality print materials that would look great and reflect their message, and we're happy to say that the end result was fantastic.

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