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Rolling Green Cannabis

Roll Green...

We were thrilled to collaborate with Rolling Green Cannabis, an Ithaca-based cannabis farm, on a branding project. We were responsible for designing everything from their logo to their packaging. Our team also printed all of the labels, ensuring consistency and high quality across all of their product lines.

↗ Branding
↗ Logo Design
↗ Package Design
↗ Label Printing

For their branding, we created a colorful and vibrant identity that incorporated vector illustrations of forest silhouettes, which were inspired by the landscape of Itahca, NY.

We were excited to take on this project and work closely with the Rolling Green Cannabis team to ensure that their vision was brought to life. Our team put a lot of effort into creating labels that were both eye-catching and unique. We wanted the jar labels to stand out from other jars, so instead of a traditional window we designed a custom die-cut label that would reveal the flower in a more unique fashion.

In the end, we were proud of the work we did for Rolling Green Cannabis. The labels we printed were of the highest quality, and we were confident that they would help the brand succeed in the emerging New York cannabis market.

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